Thank you so much for stopping by! Here at Nina Turek Photography, you'll find heartfelt imagery that documents authentic candid moments shared between loved ones. Posey photos are not our thing as we aim to tell true stories that embody real emotion. There are few things sweeter than turning someone else's real life into artwork that they'll treasure forever!


My journey as a photographer began eight years ago, with a sweet dirty faced little boy who calls me, "mama." I realized early on how quickly time flies. In the blink of an eye, newborns begin to crawl, then walk and then 2.54 seconds later they're graduating from High School! -- Woah! Excuse the drama! ;)

When I think back about the dirty faced little boy, I miss him. Is that weird?! A passion began to burn in my soul to freeze time, if not literally, then with a camera. I wanted to be able to remember the details of each of my kiddos. Each roll, each curl, each snaggley tooth. I want this for my clients too! It is my joy and passion to document the little things, the things that will not look
the same after the next 365.

About nina



I absolutely love my photos! They really capture my crazy family and each of the kids personalities!